The habit of being accurate

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Investing in good habits is the habit of successful people. The habit of being accurate is a paramount entity.

Small pauses and micro-actions matter. A very subtle mistake may culminate in a massive loss and in contrast, simple attention may bring you millions.

Accuracy is a must need for your reputation if you are doing business and trying to do professionally. Not only in a unique aspect, but it is also omnichannel. The habit of being accurate will help you in your negotiations, public speeches and at the top, it will foster your skill of critical thinking. This habit is emblematic of your personal brand. It is worth to be renowned as an accurate manager, employee, worker, etc.

When the business conditions expose you under data explosion, it is insurmountable to be accurate. Have you anything in your mind about an abominable situation in which you neglected an insignificant matter and finally knocked down a magnificent project?

Imagine a day in which you are negotiating a contract. You had waited a lot to catch the opportunity. You are doing well. The clever party can see the happiness signs in your face. He is tempted to use tricks. He starts to ask you about some unimportant details to bewilder you. You do your best to resist but finally, you reveal a data you must not to. Yeah, you lose the game easily and finalize a downgraded contract. You were not enough accurate. Please take care more.

The habit of being accurate is more vital in our era as we have delegated plenty of our mental activities to the computers. We can remember our grandparents were so more accurate than us. They could explain to us a book in details who they had read when they were young. They did not use Google every day and every time.

I myself had been involved in so many commercial activities and rile my boss many times due to my inaccuracy. He ignored as much as possible but I ruined the picture out of me in his mindset. I finally learned that knowledge is a must, improving skills is inevitable for your successes, but without the habit of accuracy, they are all nothing.

I will recommend some actions to be more accurate as follow:

  • Checklists help: Even though you are repeating a task daily, preparing a checklist for details is useful. You may be tired one day and forget something. So take care. Please do exploit the check-lists. Make as much as possible and refer to them as much you can.
  • Stop Obsessing about: Obsessing will make you more confounded. If you are obsessing, stop your work and take a deep breath. Refer to your check-list if you have one and make one if you don’t have.
  • Ask others to double check: If the issue is so vital, ask your assistant, colleague or even your manager to double check the matter.
  • Use Google correctly: Stop using Google first. Although it is impossible, try to decrease your dependence to Google and smart devices near you as they are disturbing your accuracy by nuisance notifications. After, start using Google and technology which help you to be more accurate. For example, use Wunderlist and Google Calendar.
  • Don’t Hurry: Please stop being a Type A person. Kindly calm down. The customer should wait for you. It is better to be accurate rather than be so fast and full of mistakes.
  • Live the moment: Mindfulness is a key to the accuracy’s journey. It is impossible to think about your debts, your spouse behavior, your work simultaneously and be accurate. Do the mindfulness practices as much as you can to be more accurate.

In conclusion, taking care of our actions, decisions, speeches, and ideas with the habit of being accurate.

Do you know any other way to be more accurate?

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