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Welcome to my Website.

I’m Mohammad Ghorbanian and I am renowned with title of Narenjiman. Narenji is the Persian word for the color Orange. So I am orangeman. The man who lives orange.

I have studied Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering in Isfahan University of Technology. Isfahan, the city that I have born in, is located at the heart of Iran and is one of the metropolitan Iranian cities.

After working for a period in the field of industry, I decided to apply for an MBA course in Sharif University of Technology. I did so and succeed to win the course with interview and skipping the entrance exam.

I’m working as a technical sales engineer in a German Industrial Company in Iran.

I look forward improving businesses based on the new emerging technologies. I believe businesses has two different sides. Stories and data. Data is the raw material for the information era and stories will help businesses to sell their values as well.

I’m looking forward an integrated technological business. Trying to learn both about data science for business and storytelling as marketing and content strategy.

To improve my skills and knowledge, I try to write as much as possible.

I also have a Persian website and I do suggest to have a look on it if you can read Persian: www.narenjiman.ir


Mohammad Ghorbanian



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