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Climb to one higher dimension, if you are too rational to take initiatives and do some abnormal activities. If you get over-occupied before the time you want to make decisions and lose your confidence; if you brood a lot and fear you’ll be mortified of your actions and at utmost significance if you undermine what you have achieved, you need to climb to a higher dimension of your outlook.

Just to remind: Confidence is vital but not enough. You need also self-esteem which is more vital than self-confidence.¬†You need to grow in your personal life to survive and strive to be responsible for your commitments and meet your targets. You are ought to not to despair. You have the right to be exasperated by life’s complexity and challenges, but you must succeed. Be confident, proud and obstinate. Stop being too rational, because stupidity works.

I write these words because all of us feel weak in different magnitudes. Some of us are already too pig-headed and do not need to take care of our confident but for highly-rational people, they need to have some second-order rules. I offer these rules as follow:

1- No one is superhuman, you are not either

The presidents, the CEOs, the entrepreneurs, the ministers, and all teachers made some silly decisions. please don’t obsess in your decisions and actions. Admit that you can do what you want. Don’t fear the hideous image of doing stupid things. Moreover, when you believe no one is super, you will not fret when you want to contact high-position people. You will never worship someone else and will allow yourself to improve sooner.

2- Conceive problems easeir than they seem

When you engage in a challenge, you are annoyed because you did not expect how hard the problems are. That is a fact, you should admit it and use your prowess to surmount all the problems. It is much better than naging. Admit problems, look for solutions, don’t complain and resolve.

3- Stop being oblivious

Read a lot, know the trends, be accurate and consider almost any aspect. The true confidence comes under the auspices of deep knowledge. Be greedy and have a deluge of gluttony in learning. Not to forget to be accurate as much as possible.

4- Do not talk a lot about your faults:

As it is mentioned above, no one is infallible, but there is no need to tell a slew of your own failure stories. Just one thing: it does not mean that you should pretend that you are very successful, keep in your mind, you can some times tell your failure stories but you shouldn’t make an image of your self as a looser

5- Reason and argue until you convince or are convinced

Please do not be too agreeable. Agreeableness is the basis for ongoing failures. Be aware of the affairs. Continue reasoning and arguing until you persuade others that you are right or you found your error in the chain of your reasons.

6- Be sanguine and energetic

In order to show how strong you are, you need to be energetic and optimistic about the future as others feel that the world is your oyster and you can manipulate the success.

all in all, be strong, charismatic and inspiring.



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