About Me


When I was just a child, like many other children, I had some dreams for my future. A day I wanted to be a doctor, another I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but I was dreaming of being a businessman most of the time.

But being a businessman isn’t a piece of cake. In other words, it isn’t an event; it is a process. During my journey of being a businessman, I’ve experienced different things to figure out what I want from life and what makes me feel that the world is my oyster. 

This is the reality. No one can be a businessman or an entrepreneur in a night. They need to taste different things to know what would make them happy and also in which industry they can make value.

Therefore, I did so. I started my studies and my first job as an engineer for 6 years. During this period, I found that I’m strong in analytical skills and love programming and coding. After that, I wanted to be more familiar with the business area. So, I entered one of the most well-known business schools to study MBA. 

I learned from MBA that management is enjoyable and challenging. Fortunately, it requires analytical skills that I’m good at. But, business school taught me that without soft skills, I would never succeed as a businessman. So, I need to take the helm as a seller in an international company. 

The opportunity that I had was to work as a Technical Sales Engineer who was a perfect fit for me. I could exploit all of my knowledge from engineering to management and foster my soft skills in this position. I stayed in this position for 5 years, and hence this was the time that I found that I’m now ready to run a business.

Based on my experience, for running a business successfully, people need business acumen, management knowledge, and the era of technology, analytical tools, and skills to be aware of their markets to implement sustainable strategies. 

Here is my personal blog. On this website, I’m sharing my experience and my knowledge. I’m hopeful that my notes can help managers, self-employed people, freelancers, and business owners find effective insights.

I would be happy to hear from you in the comments or contact me. Feel free to email me via: info@narenjiman.com

Darian Ghorbanian