Judging people based on their Clothings

Shared Experiences

There is a belief among some people that says the way a human opts for clothing, unleashes a slew of information about his or her culture and character. I agree with this statement to some extent.

The decision for a particular style of clothing and also habits pertaining to wear ensue from mindsets in the head of people. And these mindsets are cumulative of miscellaneous vantage points in which a person has observed the world. So, it is clear that the culture impresses a person’s way of thinking and personality traits and the final consequences of such effects will be unveiled in one’s behavior related to how to select shirts, pants, etc. Rarely, have us seen a RAP-music lover, wearing suits. Similarly, people living in East-Asia countries are reluctant to wear something which may be known as controversial clothing for their culture.

However, we need a holistic point of view to judge people’s personality and their cultural aspects. In order to perceive people correctly and utterly, we need to contemplate figuring out a lot of facets about their behaviors like their deeds which are germane to finding friends and paying attention to the family. Moreover, we should not be content with information we amass from clothing style, because judging people based on such things may culminate in significant cognitive fallacies. There are a lot of stories in which, some people were murdered due to a blunder in a decision-process. Furthermore, it is obvious that the character of people varies from person to another, although they are wearing completely the same all the time. Twins are a good example of this.

All in all, people’s choices disclose some details about their culture and character, but this will not be ample. So we need to consider knowing about them more, regarding other dimensions.


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