Going to Harsh Places

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There is a growing trend in which people travel to resorts and places with harsh conditions like the Sahara desert or the Antarctic. Although this may accrue some benefits to tourists, there are some drawbacks.

Setting out an expedition to a place that is not tailored for human-beings have some positive effects. Firstly, it helps people to see the world from new telling vantage points and this provides the opportunity for people to muster boldness and gain wisdom. Indeed, such travels are good practice for thinking out of the box. Secondly, experiencing a journey with stark situations prepare people for unprecedented crises as it helps them to hone their problem-solving skills. Rarely, have we seen people surmounting significant challenges without having great problems solved in the past. Lastly,  such hard travels evoke people’s sense of altruism and make them less selfish and arrogant. This happens because these trips will depict not only human beings are not as strong as they think, but they are too weak to survive in such circumstances.

However, there are some problems ensued from these tourism programs. Firstly, it may cause people physical health problems. There are few people who can tolerate particular weather like sweltering hot days or icy winds. So, if people are not adaptable to various weather conditions, it is better for them not to contemplate going to those places. Secondly, visitors may jeopardize their mental conditions as they will see themselves weak. This may culminate in regrets and make people upset. We all may know people who are upset long after a hard journey and suffering from its memories. Finally, due to existing unpredictability in the above-mentioned journies, people may be forced to pay a considerable amount of money. So, they will have problems regarding their financial affairs.

To sum up, traveling to places which are not suitable for human life is a good idea and will show us a holistic picture of the world if we will be able to identify its problems and solve them before starting our trip.


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