5 Ways for Being Grateful

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Gratitude? Why?

Gratitude is important for you, not because for making a deal with God to give you more blessings. You should not be afraid that if you don’t thank God for his gifts, you will lose them. You should just be grateful because of ethics, or maybe because it provides meaning to life. What does ethics have here? I’m not sure enough but I feel because it is rational and has benefits for us. If we thank, we will practice ethics by introspecting in ethical decisions. Moreover, we will be nearer to a better meaning of life, if we take the gratitude for granted. This is my primary answer for the question of why should we be grateful?

Gratitude makes us think of our limitations and our faith in God. Gratitude makes us feel life, and think about our abilities. Gratitude is a school in which we can learn from our past to invest at the moment for a better future. Gratitude prevents us from being absurd and arrogant. Gratitude is a technology to be human. Gratitude is a way to feel love, muster boldness, exude confidence, and amass wisdom. 

So, how to be Grateful? 

1- Do Not Complain

I see complain as the opposite word for gratitude. They are in contrast with each other. Pains are ensued from complaining and ruin your feelings. In this case, you’ll be too lethargic to thank. You can be unhappy and you can be desperate, but in the moments of such feelings, it is better not to complain and assuage your feelings by thinking and writing your thoughts. So, replace “complaining” with “the effort for surmounting challenge”. 

2- Do Not Bicker

Except for arguing about what politicians and bad economic situation is having to us, be proactive by fostering your problem-solving skills and emanating tranquility and hope. As soon as we stop bickering, we have time for other aspects of life. So, it is a strategic tool.  

3- Respect Others

You cannot be grateful unless you respect other people around you. It does not matter what your position is, it is important that you are grateful if you accept other people as what they are and help them to be grateful and improve in their different facets of life.  

4- Put time for Society and Philanthropy

It is what God says for the meaning of gratitude. Although I am behind at doing this, I am really eager to do philanthropic activities or at least design a business that provides philanthropic values to society. Please do emanate hope when you are interacting with other people.

5- Practice True Love:

When you love, you have no right for complaining, bickering, or disrespect. When you have true love, you’ll be sincere and have passion. I mean by love, loving something more than money and things like that. For example, loving your spouse, loving your children, loving your parents, and loving your peers. Loving money or fame is not love; it is avarice. I do strongly believe that the best practice for gratitude is loving.

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